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Five Steps to Fall in Love

There are some steps individual can do to fall in love.The steps are: First,you have to develop kindness which involve thoughtfulness, sympathy and politeness toward the person you love. Second,you develop warmness in your heart.This means that you have to be enthusiastic about the person you are in love with. Third,tender, this involve not being tough to the fellow you love but being soft in dealing with your lover. Fourth,affection,this is the condition of being fondness toward the person you love dearly. Finally,the condition of being tolerant, this is a situation of enduring your love without protest,it is also a condition of accepting the behavior of your lover without much trouble.

Nature of love

Love is define as having a strong affection and deep tender feeling for a person,a thing or a cause. In this wise love must inhibit warm, kindness,tolerant and fondness. love is also intrinsic,which means that all animal are born with it.For an example a newly hatch chicken will be love by the hen which brook it,in the same way a newly born child will be love by the mother who born the child.However,love in some situations,is conditional.