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Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships and Love By Tina L. Jones

What could you be doing wrong? What makes a relationship work and what kills it? How does love progress and what should you be careful of? There are three common mistakes that millions of women are making which could be why they are still single. The most common mistake that will ruin relationships and love is pressure. This rarely works and too often damages an otherwise healthy connection. If you have to pressure a man to say, "I love you" or propose, it's a dead end anyways. When he loves you he will say so and propose when he is ready for marriage. Don't make this common mistake that ruins many relationships and love. A man doesn't want a woman who tries too hard that she becomes annoying and pushy. You are not there to be at his beck and call and you have your own needs as well that should be equally met. You will burn yourself out, be taken for granted, and be unhappy. He will actually be turned off that you are constantly around to make him happy whe