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Planting Seeds of Love and Friendship By Jacqueline Coote

Spring is a beautiful time of the year to get out and prepare the soil and plant the seeds that will bring you the colorful and aromatic flowers into your garden. It is also another time of the year for renewal. To renew our spirit and plant the seeds of love and friendship to help make the world grow into being a better place. We somehow never take the time to show our feelings or maybe say thanks for something someone has done for us. It just takes a little of our time and a little kindness on our part, but it makes us feel better and makes the people we are with glad to be around us. It does not take much, perhaps a quick "thanks" will do, or a smile to express how you feel. Maybe just being kind or performing a small deed or task on your part to show your appreciation. It does not cost money to care it just takes a little of your time. Planting the seeds of love and friendship are one of the best things anyone can do. Not only will our gardens be enriched with soil