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Love and Friendship - Signs He Is More Than Just a Friend By Janice S Evans

When do the lines between love and friendship become wavy? Is there a period when love and friendship begin to merge? What are some of the signs that your friend may want something more? What to do when graduating between love and friendship? There have many examples of a relationship beginning as nothing more than a friendship, only to wind up as something much more. This is actually perfectly natural as most marriages should be based on friendship as they are more likely to be successful in the long run. However, when the lines between love and friendship begin to blur, it can be confusing. Keep reading for tips on how to tell when love and friendship start to co-mingle. Comments Often our friends are the first ones to see a sign of romance. One sign that a friend may need to be something more is if your friends start to make comments about how cute the two of you would be as a couple. It is very possible that they may have picked up on little looks or smiles that the two of

You and your lover must know how to make money online

How to Build Your MLM and Really Start Making Money Online. by John Enns. Isn't it the dream of every one of us that joins an MLM to make money? I know that was my intention when I started over 20 years ago, but for the longest time I struggled like most of you, not because I didn't work at it, but because I was never trained how to really build my business. I'm sure you are in the same boat I was, with doing the things we are told to and struggling like I was. I no longer need to struggle and I'll tell you why. I learned some fundamental marketing secrets that changed the way I do business forever. The same principles that I now use are things you can do also. Let me explain, I no longer have to push my business on people because they come to me. Why do they come? The real reason is because I no longer market my MLM on people who don't want it. In fact I no longer market my MLM at all in any of my marketing material. I only bring it up when I find that my

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