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By Ruth Olurounbi


By Ruth Olurounbi

The Best Valentines Gift For Loved Ones - You By Shira Litwack

OK - tough adaptation and I won't give up my career or devotion to health and fitness... however I do always say there is absolutely no better way to show love for another than by contributing to their health... now there is true love. My issue with the notion that 1/365 days we celebrate "valentine's day" is I feel it is almost a mockery of true love. I am all for Mother's day, Father's day... thats appreciation for the people who gave us life. And showing appreciation for others is respect and in some ways humbling and gives us perspective, which is integrity building. A lesser known attribute of February - that warm fuzzy month (NOT) for many of us, is that it is heart health month. The heart - the ultimate sign of life. As all of us Moms had our first ultrasound we lay there so excited to hear & see that heartbeat coming from within. That moment is the sensation of true, relentless, I will sacrifice anything for this person, love. The heart that lite…

Finding the Best Valentines Day Presents By James Redder

Valentines day presents in this day and age should be pretty easy to pick right? If that was REALLY the case with Valentine's day quickly approaching then there would be no need for this article. So given the approaching holiday we will cover some of the more popular valentine day ideas that you can use to pick something nice for your sweetheart. This article will focus on valentines day presents for those that have a local or long distance relationship. Valentines Day Presents (Sorted By Relative Cost) Internet Valentine's Day Card
This idea will involve you uploading a personalized video or photo utilizing one of the many free services available (i.e. Google video and/or Kodak). Attach a unique thoughtful note to it and you are in business Personalized M&Ms
Were you aware that you could even do this for the valentine holiday? The M&M's company allows you to put a very personal touch on your favorite color of M&M's and even put a romantic message and/or pictur…

Good cook book for your friends and lovers

Buy this wheaty belly 30-minute (or less) cookbook for your lover and friends
you will be delight you did.“Wheat Belly 30-Minute (Or Less!) Cookbook” written by cardiologist William Davis and beautifully illustrated with photographs made by Linda Pugliese is a book that combines scientific facts with beautifully presented recipes, therefore much more than just another cookbook that talks about preparing wheat-free meals.

At the beginning of the book author provides an excellent introduction that gives background to the reasons why this book is released; he encourages readers to change the thinking that giving up wheat is too time-consuming, too inconvenient or involves too many hard-to-find ingredients.
He emphasizes that it’s normal that it will take some time for people to adjust their diet because today 20 – 50% of all calories we eat is wheat due to convenience, portability, ubiquity and addiction that this kind of food causes.

In order to help people to decide embarking on the jour…