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What Can Love Create by

Dear Loved Ones, Good Love to you all on this Lovely day. I Love you. Love you. I Love you. Tools for life. What Can Love Create? Love can Create Wholeness within, therefore creating Wholeness without. Love can behold all conditions to stand tall in the midst of all adversity. Love can heal Dis-ease. When in a state of dis-comfort and dis-empowerment love can renew and rejuvenate. Love can and will change the outcome of a relationship. Weather a past experience or a present relationship. Love can energize. Love can electrify our Souls to freedom. Love Is. Is Wonderful on all levels. Unconditional Love is the call of this time. Love takes Responsibility. Love Grows. Love Enhances. Love Reveals. Love generates a New. Love is Power. Love is Care. Love is Forgiveness. Love is Gratitude. Love is to Be. Love is to Have. Love is to Be. Love is to Understand. Love is Patience. Love is Compassion. Love is Passion. Love is Honesty. Love is to Honor. Love is Authenticity. Love is

8 Sentences You Never Want To Hear On A First Date The following phrases are definite red flags! By Andrew Fixell

When embarking on a first date, it's always best to keep things fun and lively . But once in awhile, a dater will become a bit too comfortable, blurting out something he or she will totally regret later. Other times, that verbal diarrheaist simply doesn’t care what others think, and will speak unapologetically and without a filter . Although honesty is crucial to the success of any relationship, there are a few sentences that, when uttered, give an undeniable indication of just how much baggage a person is likely carrying (i.e. lots ). Ads Bachelor, Masters, PhD Earn a Degree in your time with AIU self paced, and affordable program. Download Now 1) Click to Begin 2) Download App 3) Get 100s of Free Books & Readers Christian Marriage You Think You Know The Bible Well? Install Free Trivia Game & Find Out Preppy Dating Dating Etiquette Marriage Problems Dating a Man First Da

The Top Five Strangest Batman Costumes By Brian Cronin Batman Expert

Batman has gone through many costumes over his long comic book career, with the most notable costume change being the addition of a yellow oval around his chest bat symbol in the early 1960s. However, he has also has worn a number of special costumes over the years for specific plot-related purposes. For instance, during a mission  in the Alaskan Klondike in  World's Finest Comics  #7 , Batman and Robin wore heated costumes. That is a pretty normal idea for an alternate costume. Here, though, are the top five weirdest speciality costumes that Batman ever had.