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Peom on Love is Special By Afolabi Yusuf

What is special? l say what special?.lt nothing but love. lt is treasure that everyone long for,it is an intangible asset. Some acquire love blind,some acquire love half blind,some  acquire non blind. lt depend on individual how he or she treasure and acquire love.ln love some see thier lover clearly,in love some see their lover blindly.Will you love me without holding me special? will you love me without treasure me? will you love me without acquiring blindly? where then is the saying that blove is blind.

Peom on Love and Color By Afolabi Yusuf

Love and color are the same thing.Why love and color  are the same thing? Anytime you are  happy l see  beautiful color.Any  time you smile l see  beautiful color.Anytime you amuse me.l see beautiful color.Color emit different shade and vibration so also is your love to me. Yes,the color of your skin attract me, it is like corolla.What is corolla?. Answer:corolla is the beautiful part of a plant.Why is corolla beautiful?. Answer: it is because the plant is hermaphrodite but must give birth to young ones,hence corolla attract the insects that drop the pollen, there and then she conceive.This is the beginning of color with love and classical case of color attracting love.

Poem on love from a mother By Afolabi Yusuf

What wrong with you ?l say what wrong with you my child ?  l am not your mother?l am not your mother? the one who put love on your face, for nine month you were  in my belly. l spite, l cough, l vomit, you eat what l eat,you drink what  l drink,for two years l am your teacher who taught you how to walk.Why don't you love me? the one who put love on your face. lt is obvious the child is oblivious of what is going on around even though the mother stood  around talking.Suddenly the child came around  as  if  being unconscious  at first.Her child resort: who ask to put love  on my face? who ask to feed me when l do not need food? who ask to teach me when l do not need to learn? neither you nor this place is a place for me but prison. Her child walk away,she  stood still watching the child to move  far, suddenly she sprint,caught up,you can not go away from me our tradition forbid it,our ancestor forbid it, even if you are old enough to care of yourself you are still my