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#How To Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Come Back To You Alexandra Fox

Is your relationship with your man going
through a rough patch lately? Do you
have that sinking feeling that a
break-up is just waiting to happen?
Click on the link below, and let me
guide you on how to save your
relationship - and even make it better
than ever before!
- - - > Save your relationship today! < - - -
Dear Afolabi,
Is your relationship in trouble?
Are you and your man in danger of
breaking up?
Do you want to know if there's still a
chance of saving the relationship?
The idea of breaking up with your man
can be painful and depressing,
especially if you've been together for
several years. And it's not just the
idea of loneliness that's scary - it's
also the idea that you might have wasted
the last few years on a hopeless case!
Do you feel that way? Are you afraid
that all that time, energy, and emotion
you invested into your relationship
might all be wasted?
If so, then this Newsletter is for you!
In a few moments, I'll be teaching you a
valuable technique that will make the
man you love come back to you.
And that's not all - this technique also
has the power to RESTART your
relationship, much stronger than ever
Before that, though, we'll need to face
the tough questions...
============================== ==========
============================== ==========
When your once-beautiful relationship is
on the verge of a break-up - or if the
break-up has actually ALREADY happened -
then I'm sure the first question on your
mind is this...
"How do I get him back?"
Good question, but it's not the most
important thing. In fact, there's a
bigger, DEEPER question to ask yourself.
And that question is:
"Is he WORTH it?"
That's a REALLY important question to
ask yourself, because quite bluntly...
some relationships simply AREN'T worth
These are the relationships that simply
will NOT work out, no matter what you
do. The more you try to get him back,
the worse the relationship becomes and
the more miserable you'll be!
Now, these kinds of bad relationships
aren't rare. In fact, they happen all
the time. For instance...
Some couples are simply incompatible.
Some long-distance relationships have no
hope of working out.
Some relationships, poisoned by cheating
and infidelity, can no longer be
Sometimes, the guy's a criminal.
Sometimes, the guy is abusive and
The list goes on and on. Does your own
relationship fall in the shortlist
Here's my first piece of advice: If you
ever find yourself in a toxic
relationship, ask yourself: What's more
important? Your dignity, or your
Most times, ending the relationship and
starting over on a clean slate is the
best course of action, even if it DOES
hurt a little!
============================== ==========
============================== ==========
But on the other hand, there are times
when the relationship IS worth trying to
These are the relationships that have
been hurt by a simple misunderstanding,
ruined by some innocent
miscommunication, or victimized by some
ugly coincidence.
If your relationship falls into THIS
category, then yup - let's give it a
second chance!
Now for that "secret technique" I
mentioned earlier in this Newsletter.
The technique is all about using a
powerful human emotion - JEALOUSY - to
make your man come back to you!
By the way - NO, I'm not talking about
dating some other guy just to make your
man jealous.
That's a cheap shot! And nope, we don't
do cheap shots here in the Unforgettable
Woman community. ;)
Here's how to properly use JEALOUSY to
make him want you back. The goal is
simple - to make him feel like you're
"doing just fine" without him.
And that's a sharp blow to a guy's ego!
When done correctly, the "jealousy"
technique will do two things:
(1) He'll want to save his pride by
getting back with you, and pretending
the "break-up" never happened; and
(2) Since your life is so beautiful,
stable, and happy (even without him),
he'll realize he'd be a fool to leave
So how do you play the "jealousy" card?
It's simple, but you'll need a good dose
of patience and discipline to pull it
First of all, shift your entire focus
away from him. Every time sad memories
come back, or whenever a bad emotion
such as anger or despair seep in,
redirect your mind to something else.
Good places to redirect your attention
#1 - Your work. It's always a good idea
to get your finances in order!
#2 - Your hobbies. Hobbies relax you,
make you feel happy, and builds your
#3 - Your friends. Get some much-needed
social support by meeting the girls over
And secondly, be prepared to NOT contact
him for a month. This is where your
patience comes in!
If necessary, delete all of his contact
information on your devices. Unfriend
him on Facebook and unfollow him on
Twitter if necessary.
Now I know what you might be thinking:
"Alex, wouldn't all of this HURT my
relationship even more? Isn't it better
to just talk to him about getting back
Sure, your goal IS to talk about getting
back together. But it's a whole lot
better if HE started the "talk," and not
Why? Because when you try to initiate
the "talk," it would seem like you're
the one chasing him. And as we've
already learned in our past Newsletters,
it's HIS job to chase... not ours.
And when WE do the chasing, bad things
tend to happen. And that's not good for
a relationship that's already on the
So again, be prepared NOT to contact him
for a month. If he loves you, he'll
start to miss you by the third week (or
even earlier). And he'll contact you and
initiate the "talk" all by himself soon
See what I mean? When it's HIM who
starts the mending, you're basically
guaranteed of a second chance for your
That's your goal - and the "jealousy"
technique works wonderfully at it!
Now before we wrap this Newsletter up,
let me just say this: The "jealousy"
technique is a powerful way to bring a
messed-up relationship back together.
But is it the ONLY technique? Of course
not. There's more.
About 76 more!
And these are the techniques and lessons
I teach in my special e-book collection,
In this e-book collection, you'll learn
all the right (and also the wrong) moves
to make before, during, and after the
break-up happens.
What's more, one of the three free bonus
e-books I include in the e-book
collection is entitled "9 Crucial Things
To Say To Get Him Back."
That's another 9 ways to save your
relationship - and they're free when you
get your very own copy of the "77
Secrets To Save Your Relationship!"
Let me help you save what you've worked
on for years to build. Click on the link
below and let's get started!
- - - > Make him come back to you! < - - -
To the happiness you deserve,
~Alexandra Fox



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