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How To Be A "Cool" Woman By Alexandra Fox

Wouldn't it be great if the men 
thought you were one of the "coolest" women around? Here's the thing -- it takes a really special woman to make men think she's
"cool." Are you cool? Do the men around
you like you and respect you? Are they
impressed by you?
The good news is that being "cool" isn't
all that hard to do at all!
In today's newsletter, we'll be
discussing three reader e-mails I
recently received, and see how they
illustrate which traits are "cool" and
"uncool" in the dating game.
Feel free to take notes, because you may
have never heard of these traits before!

Do you get made when he doesn't call as
often as you want, or when he cancels a
date, or when he does something you
don't agree with?
Do you sometimes argue with him over
what he sees as "little things," but you
feel it's a really big deal?
SN, a reader, wrote to me about her
situation recently. She's great …

Are you a divorcee here are seven tips for you:what actaully led to divorce by S.Afolabi Yusuf

Hardly had a day pass that we do not have a divorce but why is so?.The answers are simple, first couple do not realize their mistake before it is too late,think of it when couple has initial problem but fail to tackle it,this initial problem will sooner or later generate into a brawl.Second domestic problems which are many could trigger a divorce one thing is clear  two masters can not be in a  house therefore any domestic problem must be solved amicably, for example there may be minor disagreement on arrangement of household furniture it is left  to  couple to disagree in order to agree because there is an adage which says human being at times disagree in other to reach a concessions in this wise disagreement should not be taken too far.Third, not understanding the feeling of your spouse or partner long love life of a couple brings a misgiving,this misgiving do not allow effetive communication,hence diviorce may be comterplated.Most of the misgiving may be centered on household econo…