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Is He Taking Too Long to Propose? by Alexandra Fox

Do you have a man in your life, and he loves you very much... but he's taking his sweet time making things official? You might have been dating exclusively for several months now. Or you might have been in a serious relationship for several years now. And still, nothing's happening. It's enough to drive ANYONE crazy with impatience! At this point, you might be tempted to confront him with the question you've been wanting to ask for a long time: "What are we, really? When are we going to become official?" If this is how you feel right now, here's a piece of love advice: DON'T DO IT. Just don't. You might end up scaring him away. You might make him change his mind about your future... even if you've been together for many years! Let me reveal something weird about guys... They Don't Have A Time Frame That's right. When it comes to committing or proposing to

3 Ways to Save Your Relationship by Alexandra Fox

Many years ago, I volunteered at an orphanage. One day, one of the kids came to me, telling me his toy car had stopped running. The batteries had died, so I had to replace them. The problem: I couldn't find a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. So I tried to "MacGyver" it - I tried using a butter knife, a coin, and a paper clip. Nothing worked. After an hour of trying, I was ready to get a hammer and smash the darned thing open. But at that moment, the boy tugged at my sleeve and said: "Miss Alex, I found a screwdriver." I took the screwdriver. Less than a minute later, the toy car was working again, and everyone was happy. What's the moral of the story?  Just this: Broken relationships are like broken toys.  To fix them, you  just need the right tools. May I make a bold statement? ANY RELATIONSHIP CAN BE FIXED. Any   relationship .  No   exception s .  No matter

How to Make Him LOVE You by Alexandra Fox

What's the worst thing that could happen when you're in love with a guy?     Without a doubt, it's when you figure out he loves you too... but only as a FRIEND!     In other words, you've been "friend-zoned." And it's one of the most painful, most frustrating, and most humiliating places to be in the dating game.     But what if he hasn't been totally clear with his feelings yet? How do you know if he REALLY only sees you as a friend... or if he's just hiding his real feelings for you?     Here are some of the signs you're in the friend-zone:     (1) He prefers hanging out with you in a group, and not alone.   (2) There's no hint of romantic tension between you.   (3) He talks to you about the other girls in his life.   (4) He says you'd make some lucky guy REALLY happy.     Ouch... that hurts!     And I know how it feels. I've been there mysel