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How to Drive Men Wild By Alexandra Fox

Ever wished  you  were  more  beautiful than you  are now? Ever wished that  you  could attract the guys  you  like, instead of the guys who creep  you  out? Ever wished  you  were "sexier?" If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then this Newsletter's for you ! This Newsletter is a "great ideas" Newsletter, and our goal for today is to make  you  SEXIER to the  men  around  you . FIVE TIMES sexier, in fact! ============================== ========= HOW TO BE FIVE TIMES SEXIER THAN  YOU  ARE NOW ==============================   ========= Now  you  might be wondering: "How in the world  can  I  become  5 times sexier?" To answer that, let me ask  you  another question... What is the FASTEST way to seduce a guy? If  you 're like most women, then your answer would probably be: "Get naked!" And  you  would be correct!  Men  are hig

MOMENTS with YOU By Dennis and Barbara Rainey

June 16 Out in the Open The man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. Genesis 2:25 Being "naked" but "not ashamed." This is why we get married—not just to have sex, but also to become emotionally intimate with another person. We want someone we can be openly transparent with, someone who accepts us, even when we're being our real selves. Yet although this is what our souls long for, many couples—especially young couples—hide this need behind the mere act of sexual togetherness. They find having sex easier than opening up to each other spiritually, where the potential for hypocrisy and awkwardness always exists. Sex can be easier than opening up emotionally, letting someone else in on their fears and worries and dreams and deepest feelings. That's why, even when the level of sexual intimacy is high in a marriage, the level of real transparency can still be surprisingly low... and subtly debilitating.