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Why Relationships Grow Cold By Alexandra Fox

Today, I'll teach you a cool trick that can turn around 
even a cold, distant, or loveless relationship. 
Better yet, I'm also about to show you how to “revisit” 
your favorite moments in your love life, even if those 
moments came from past relationships. 
What am I talking about? Just this... 
Take a minute to remember the HAPPIEST moments of your 
love life. 
It might have been early in a past or present 
relationship, when your man was still MADLY IN LOVE 
He couldn't wait to see you, he was always texting and 
calling, or he kept giving you gifts and asking you out 
on dates. 
Those were the moments when you were really, truly, 
completely happy... even if the relationship didn't stay 
happy for long. 
Now, imagine revisiting those HAPPY moments. Imagine 
having the ability to make YOUR love life that happy 
again... and make it STAY that happy.  
YOU CAN! And all you'll need is the “cool trick” I'm about 
to teach you today. 
Of course, it's not the ONLY “cool t…

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