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Why Relationships Grow Cold By Alexandra Fox

Today, I'll teach you a cool trick that can turn around  
even a cold, distant, or loveless relationship.  
Better yet, I'm also about to show you how to “revisit”  
your favorite moments in your love life, even if those  
moments came from past relationships.  
What am I talking about? Just this...  
Take a minute to remember the HAPPIEST moments of your  
love life.  
It might have been early in a past or present  
relationship, when your man was still MADLY IN LOVE  
He couldn't wait to see you, he was always texting and  
calling, or he kept giving you gifts and asking you out  
on dates.  
Those were the moments when you were really, truly,  
completely happy... even if the relationship didn't stay  
happy for long.  
Now, imagine revisiting those HAPPY moments. Imagine  
having the ability to make YOUR love life that happy  
again... and make it STAY that happy.   
YOU CAN! And all you'll need is the “cool trick” I'm about  
to teach you today.  
Of course, it's not the ONLY “cool trick” in love and  
dating out there. If you want ALL the “cool tricks” that  
making the happiness of young love LAST FOREVER in your  
relationship, read my book today:  
- - - >  Make it last forever! < - - -  
Now, let's begin the Newsletter by talking about:  
Why Relationships Grow Cold  
in the First Place
Let me cut to the chase – it's not boredom that makes  
relationships grow cold.  
Nor is it infidelity.  
Nor is it “irreconcilable differences”.  
Here it is: Relationships start to grow cold due to the  
Let me give you a common example...  
Imagine getting a new boyfriend. He's not perfect, but he  
shows his love in sweet little ways, like blocking off his  
weekends to spend time with you, and calling you up every  
night to ask about your day.  
He makes you feel happy, secure, loved, and important...  
and you have that gut feeling that he's “the one.”  
Then, one day, he does something that REALLY rubs you the  
wrong way.  
Maybe you caught him glancing at another woman. Or he took  
three whole hours to reply to your text message. Or he  
called you “clingy.”  
And when you're arguing and he's trying to explain  
himself, you find it EXTREMELY HARD to listen to him...  
because all you can think about is how TOTALLY,  
(Gosh, we've all been there, haven't we?)  
Now, here's the BIG QUESTION: When you were in that  
situation, how did you feel?  
Did you feel like NOT listening to him?   
Did you feel like an invisible “wall” rose around you,  
cutting off any emotional connection with him?  
Did you feel like you would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to  
prove him wrong?  
Sorry, but here's the bad news... THAT is when good,  
loving relationships start to grow cold.  
Moving From Criticism to Openness  
Now, I'm NOT saying you should let him slide when he does  
something wrong. Far from it!  
In fact, it's VERY important to point it out when he's  
really wrong, or when he does something that hurts you.  
But here's my lesson: When trying to prove that you're  
right and he's wrong,  it's not about WHAT you say... but  
HOW you say it.
Did you catch that?  
It's not really the PROBLEM that ruins the relationship...  
it's how we REACT to the problems. (This goes for men too.  
In fact, you should teach them the “cool trick” I'm about  
to teach you in just a little bit!)  
Think about it for a moment. Maybe it has happened  
in your own relationship(s), or in the relationships of  
your friends...  
The end of a wonderful relationship between a man and a  
woman who seemed perfect for each other... started with  
just one argument, misunderstanding, or difference that  
multiplied into many, many more.  
It all starts with a “wall.”  
The good news? I have a “cool trick” that can actually  
keep the “wall” from popping up in your relationship...  
and actually TEAR DOWN the “walls” that are cutting off  
your emotional connection to each other.  
Here it is:  
Don't Say What You Think.  
Say How You FEEL.
That's right. When you're in an argument with him, talk  
about your emotions, and don't rely on logic.  
Because when you rely on logic, you'll just keep trying to  
prove who's wrong and who's right... or, ridiculously,  
who's “more right” than the other.  
Relationships are breaking up even when no one really did  
anything wrong.  
So that's my advice: Don't rely on logic. In many ways,  
logic is what breaks good relationships apart.  
Besides... love isn't logical. Right? ;)  
And when you don't rely on logic, and instead just tell  
him how you feel, you get a VERY different response...  
Suddenly, the argument is not about trying to prove who's  
right. Instead, it becomes about mending the bond, staying  
emotionally close to each other, apologizing, and making  
up for it.  
Here's an example. Let's say you caught him staring at  
another woman, and he infuriates you by saying “It's  
harmless,” or “It's biological,” or “We can't help it.”  
When you take a THINKING approach, you'd say  
something like:  
 It's NOT harmless. You're making me feel insecure,” or  
“It may be biological, but you can CHOOSE not to stare,”  
or “You can't help it? I thought you were stronger than  
That's just ASKING for an argument!  
But when you take a “FEELINGS” approach, you'd say:  
“I felt hurt when you did that.”  
See the difference? You're basically saying the same thing  
(He HURT you), but from a FEELING point of view, not a  
And it makes a ton of difference. It invites him to say,  
“Oh, gosh. I'm really sorry.”  
Cool trick, huh? Try it next time your man does something  
that rubs you the wrong way.  
In fact, even if you're single, try the “feelings”  
approach whenever you're with men. Guys will LOVE being  
with you because you take a smoother, sweeter, less  
abrasive approach to solving arguments.  
Oh, and be sure to write me your success stories!  
 Now, it takes time to get used to using the “feelings”  
approach. And it takes some practice.  
What's more, there are MORE “cool tricks” out there that  
you can use to bring back the love in a loveless  
relationship... and make sure the happiness, passion, and  
closeness you enjoyed during the first weeks of your  
relationship will last FOREVER.  

And best of all? You can learn them... and then TRY THEM  
OUT in your own love life... for 30 days, risk on me. 


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