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Signs of a Failing Relationship By Alexandra Fox

Hi Girls!  Tell me if you've experienced this before:  Let's say you met  a  great new guy, and you took  a  liking to each other immediately.  Within  a  few dates, you're already in constant communication with each other.  You text every morning.  You call every few days.  You try to see each other at least once  a  week.  And then, one very special date, when you feel like it's time to take the  relationship  to the next level, you ask him if he's ready to go steady. And after  a  few embarrassed moments, he says YES! What follows is  a  great first few days  of  the  relationship . You're ready to scream the fact to the entire world -- you're officially  a  couple, and you're well on your way to happily ever after!  ...Or so you thought.  Soon after the  relationship  started, you noticed that he's not staying in touch as often. He's not texting unless you text first.  He doesn't call as often.  He doesn't

Romantic Words For Him By Alexandra Fox

Sometimes, I give lectures and seminars   to groups of women around the country.   Mostly small groups of less than 50   women, but I still have a lot of fun   meeting them and listening to their love   problems -- and giving them   life-changing solutions!   After giving these talks for several   years, I've learned something very   important -- the way I speak to my   audience has a big effect on how they   respond to me. And certain words have a   much bigger effect on them than others.   It's not just me, either -- I've also   realized, especially during our open   forums, that virtually every woman in   the world "talks" to herself. This   self-talk is often unconscious, and --   unfortunately -- it's also often sad and   depressive. Many of my clients look at   themselves small -- "I'm not pretty,"   "I'm not sexy enough," "I'm not as smart   as I want to be."   and you know what happens?