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Romantic Words For Him By Alexandra Fox

Sometimes, I give lectures and seminars 
to groups of women around the country. 
Mostly small groups of less than 50 
women, but I still have a lot of fun 
meeting them and listening to their love 
problems -- and giving them 
life-changing solutions! 
After giving these talks for several 
years, I've learned something very 
important -- the way I speak to my 
audience has a big effect on how they 
respond to me. And certain words have a 
much bigger effect on them than others. 
It's not just me, either -- I've also 
realized, especially during our open 
forums, that virtually every woman in 
the world "talks" to herself. This 
self-talk is often unconscious, and -- 
unfortunately -- it's also often sad and 
depressive. Many of my clients look at 
themselves small -- "I'm not pretty," 
"I'm not sexy enough," "I'm not as smart 
as I want to be." 
and you know what happens? That's the 
message they bring to the men they meet. 
"I'm not attractive enough to be your 
girlfriend, but I hope you'll accept me 
and love me anyway." 
Ladies, words are POWERFUL. And the 
words, the emotions, the messages you 
bring across to the men you meet 
actually DICTATES how he's going to 
respond to you. 
Do you want him to respond to you in a 
positive way? 
Then learn the right things to say! 
And in today's letter, I'll be giving 
you three powerful phrases that help 
build your bond with the man in your 
life, and also make him more likely to 
RETURN your love. 
Ready? Here's the first phrase. Feel 
free to write this down! 
Surprised? These two words have helped 
my clients and readers turn first dates 
with new men into fantastic, 
heart-to-heart meetings that blossomed 
into wonderful relationships! 
But how does it work? 
Simple -- I'm pretty sure it's hard to 
ask personal questions during the first 
date, but when you add these two words 
after your question... 
"So what do you do for a living? Just 
"What do you do for fun? Just curious." 
"Are you single? Just curious." 
...instantly, answering your question 
becomes SO MUCH EASIER for him! 
Without these two powerful words, your 
questions may come off as too forward. 
He might start thinking that you're one 
of those needy, desperate women who rush 
into relationships with the first man 
who comes their way. 
But when you're "just curious," he'll 
think you're just that -- just curious 
-- and he gives you an answer! 
Practice saying these two words after 
your questions. It will help build the 
connection between you and him, and can 
lead to a longer, more satisfying 
conversation -- instead of the usual 
awkwardness that accompany most first 
As you go on more and more dates with 
him, the conversation evolves. 
If you started out by talking about your 
jobs, your living arrangements, and your 
interests, then later on, you'll start 
talking about your goals, your values, 
and your love life. 
This is where the phrase "tell me more" 
is at its most powerful. 
When he's telling you the deeper, more 
intimate details of his life, he 
actually wants you to listen and 
appreciate him. 
And when you say, "Please tell me more," 
then you show him that you're genuinely 
interested in his life! 
And when he knows you're interested, and 
when he knows that you actually value 
his views, he's going to like you more 
and more. 
Conversation is a great way to build 
that deeper, more emotional bond that 
your budding relationship needs! 
What's more, later on, he's going to ask 
YOU about your goals, values, and -- 
perhaps most importantly -- your love 
life. Since you showed your interest in 
HIS life, he's going to show an interest 
in yours, too. 
And that's where things REALLY get fun! 
Before you comment on "Hey, hard 
worker," let me explain for a bit! 
At the beginning of your relationship, 
it's a good idea to compliment him 
lightly. A good way of doing this is by 
showing your approval of his appearance: 
"I love your suit!" 
"I like the color of your eyes." 
"That's a nice tie. You sure know your 
way around fashion!" 
Later on, though, as your conversations 
get deeper and more intimate, it's a 
good idea to show your approval of the 
deeper things, too. 
For instance, if he's an entrepreneur -- 
"Hello, hard worker!" 
If he's a fireman, policeman, or 
paramedic -- "Hi, hero!" 
If he's into community service -- "I 
love how you spend so much of your time 
helping others. It's so noble." 
When your compliments move from the 
physical to the more emotional, it means 
that your relationship is maturing 
It also means things are going right, 
and if you keep saying the right words, 
your relationship can develop into 
something that will last a lifetime! 
Sure -- I know I've mentioned in some of 
my previous newsletters that actions 
speak louder than words. 
But trust me, words speak pretty loudly 
themselves -- and, as I've shown you in 
this newsletter, they have the power to 
move the relationship in the right 
So make your words count! 
Yes, words are VERY powerful. 
Knowing the right things to say is a 
great addition to your "love toolkit," 
and I highly recommend you develop this 
crucial dating-and-relationship skill. 
Trust me, I've met so many women who 
lost their boyfriends and husbands 
simply because of a careless or 
thoughtless word. I don't want you to 
make that mistake in your OWN love life! 
As you get better with your conversation 
skills and choices of words, you can 
come up with your own style. 
Trust me, coming up with your own 
personal style of flirting with men is 
one of the most enjoyable dating skills 
you'll ever learn! 
If you want to get started, here's the 
secret -- it's all about knowing what 
makes men tick. 
When you know exactly what makes men 
"graduate" from physical attraction to 
TRUE LOVE, then the words will come easy 
and naturally! 
Want to know what makes men tick? 
Want to know how to make him truly LOVE 
Want to know the right words to say to 
him -- every single time? 
Then I invite you to learn all the 
secrets in my Unmask The Male Mind 
e-book collection. Visit the website 
below to learn every little thing you 
need to know about his mind:  
And after you master his mind, go right 
ahead -- and win his HEART! 


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