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Will He Commit to You - 4 Telltale Signs By Alexandra Fox

Have you ever had a man who loved you,
and then suddenly QUIT on your
relationship when things started to get
Frustrating, isn't it? Why in the world
would a man get your hopes up, only to
disappoint you when it really matters?
Here's the bad news: There are LOTS of
men like that. They think they have what
it takes to take care of a woman.
But when things get serious and you
start talking about commitment, they
duck and run. How pathetic!
The good news? You CAN keep yourself
safe from these men. This newsletter
will teach you how to spend less time
with the cowards, and more time with the
men who WILL stay with you!
And it's easier than you might think.
Because here's something you might not
know about men...
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 You bet - a man's cowardice doesn't
happen instantly. It's a habit. And you
can see a man's cowardice in the little
things he does in your relationship.
 That means that if he's a
commitment-ready man, you can  see it in
his actions. And if he DOESN'T have what
it takes to commit... you can ALSO see
it in his actions.
 That's right - you can  actually PREDICT
a man's willingness and ability to
commit... even when you've only had a
few dates so far!
- - - > Make him commit to you! < - - -
 How many of the following warning signs
is YOUR man showing?
The first red flag is one of the more
annoying ones: He's "flaky."
He schedules dates with you, then at the
last minute, he cancels on you, telling
you that something "important" came up.
Now, flaking out on you is okay if he
does it rarely. For instance, when
you're still dating (not in a serious
relationship yet), he has every right in
the world to prioritize his work over
But if he flakes out on your dates too
often, that's a bad sign. If he easily
flakes out on your little dates, it's
likely he's going to flake out on your
BIG decisions, too.
You should also worry when he seems to
prefer cheap, quick coffee dates, and
doesn't like having full meals and
whole-day dates with you.
 It doesn't just mean he's cheap - it may
also mean that he's not really willing
to make a good investment in you - time
AND money wise... 
Again, quick cheap dates are okay if he
only does it once in a while. He might,
for instance, just be trying to be
 But if he does it too often, then it's a
sign that he may not value you as much
as you value him. It's likely that he's
just looking for the quickest, cheapest
way into your bedroom!
And speaking of bedrooms...
 Now this is a BIG red flag!
 If he wants sex a little too early in
the relationship (say, less than 3
months after going steady with you),
chances are that's ALL he wants from
So I suggest you say "no" to his
advances until he mans up and takes
better responsibility of the
Now some women might complain: "But
Alexandra, I'm no prude!"
These women are missing the point. It's
not about you, it's about HIM. The fact
remains - when he succeeds in having his
way with you early in the relationship,
before he's truly fallen in love with
you, he's going to leave you eventually.
 Besides, do you really want to spend the
rest of your life with a man who doesn't
care about what YOU think?
 This one is a little-known red flag, and
it's really easy to miss. Some men NEVER
ask you about your day, or how you feel,
what your opinions and beliefs are, and
so on.
 Why don't they ask? Simple - because
they don't care.
 Simply asking about your day is an
example of a little bit of affection -
something men generally have trouble
showing. Only the most mature, more
commitment-ready men have learned to
care about the little things.
And when he's not mature enough to care
about the little things, you can be sure
he won't be mature enough to handle the
BIGGER things in love!
So how many of the "red flags" mentioned
above does your man have?
 Of course, I hope the answer is ZERO...
but even if he IS showing you a red flag
or two, the good news is that it's NOT a
hopeless case... 
The eBook collection l have is meant to help
you raise his commitment potential
slowly and steadily as your relationship
And then, when he's 100% ready, I'll
teach you how to "nudge" him over the
commitment edge!
But that's not all - I also include a
free bonus e-booklet, "Master The
Commitment Talk." It's a quick guide on
how to talk to him about commitmen t -
and instead of scaring him, you'll
actually INSPIRE and MOTIVATE him to
respond to you!
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