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Timeless Love Advice From 5 of My Happiest Readers By Alexandra Fox

Is there a toxic man in your life?
Or worse... is there more than one?
It's the holiday season - a time of hope and happiness! And I
believe your LIFE should be filled with hope and
happiness, as well.
And toxic men should have no place in your life, period.
(Make it your New Year's Resolution!)
Today, I won't be giving you the usual dating advice like
I usually do.
Instead, I'll let five of my readers give their advice to
you when it comes to dating toxic men...
"Hannah's" Advice:
Be Smarter Than Players
My advice would be to stay away from
players - they're bad news. I learned that the hard way
after I first moved to the city and started dating
seriously for the first time.
Guys can:
- Be dishonest
- Cheat behind your back
- Say things they don't really mean
- Play with your feelings
- ...and keep you coming back for more!
I advise you to educate yourself about these men. Know all
their tricks, and know all their weak spots... so that
when a player tries to play you, you can beat him at his
Stay strong,
"Jenna's" Advice:
Make Love Wisely
Alexandra asked me to write about
the one piece of advice I could give you, so here I go...
Remember Alexandra's "3-6 month rule," where you have to
delay sex at least 3 months to test if a man is really
serious about you? I'll be honest - I hated that rule
because I loved sex too much!
I loved casual sex, comfort sex, and so on. I'm not
ashamed of it. But I do admit that after a while, it gets
boring...empty. Eventually, you'll want a real, serious
relationship with a good man.
My advice? Treat sex like your "ace up your sleeve." It's the
ultimate prize men want to win, so make him work for it!
But more than that, you WILL want to wait at least 3
months... because that's the minimum amount of time a man
needs to really fall in love with you... and he'll want
your HEART more than your BODY.
And if you're stuck in a sex-only relationship, read
Alex's eBook on friends with benefits to break free
without breaking your heart. It's the book that turned
things around for me, and I know it will work for you too!
Best regards,
"Amy's" Advice:
You Have More Power Than You Think
My advice would be to never, never, NEVER underestimate
yourself. You have MORE power than you think you do!
I was once in a three-year, on-and-off relationship with a
guy who wouldn't commit to a more serious relationship
with me, no matter what I said or did. He'd simply say
he's "not the marriage type," or other such nonsense.
I almost believed him... until I read Alex's eBook on
emotionally unavailable men. That's when I learned that we
women aren't born leaders, but born MOTIVATORS.
I love how Alex said it: "Behind every great man is a
woman rolling her eyes!"
Today, I'm happily married to the guy who once claimed he
"wasn't the marriage type." I simply followed Alexandra's
motivation tips... and as a bonus, my man is more
confident, more devoted, and more attentive than ever
That's the power of motivation!
So don't look down on yourself. He needs you, and he knows
it. And with the right approach, you can make him do
whatever you want! ~Amy
"Joy's" Advice:
Happiness Is One Good Decision Away
Hello everyone! I feel extremely honored and humbled to
share my story with you. Alexandra has helped me leave my
terribly unhappy past behind me, and find the true love
I've always wanted!
I used to go from one heartbreak to another. I was
suffering from depression. I even once contemplated
But after I read Alexandra's Newsletters and books, I
learned one fact that changed my life: THERE WAS
I learned that all the bad relationships I had in the past
weren't caused by one catastrophic failure... but by one
bad decision, repeated over time, over and over.
But likewise, all it takes to build a good, happy
relationship with a man is one good decision after
another. Not ten good decisions... just one!
The book that changed my life was The Breakup Cure, and if
you're going through a string of bad relationships that
are making you feel hurt, depressed, and desperate, I
highly recommend it.
Remember, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. You
just might be making some bad decisions. But it just takes
one good decision to turn everything around. Don't give
up, and keep listening to Alexandra's advice! ~Joy
"Christine's" Advice:
Sometimes Quitting Is The Best Thing To Do
Finally, here's a beautiful holiday message from
Hey Alex! Sure, I'd love to share my story.
I was in a terrible relationship with a toxic, abusive,
neglectful boyfriend for 4 whole years before I read your
eBook... and finally worked up the courage and confidence
to leave him.
I learned that in a world that keeps saying "quitting is
for losers," sometimes quitting is actually the best thing
to do. I've learned that quitting isn't losing - it's
opening up to something even better!
So my advice for your readers is this: Don't ever settle
for a bad relationship. I suggest you leave him if:
- He lies, cheats, or steals
- He has an active crime record
- He has addictions you disapprove of
- He's still involved with a past lover
- He's jobless and has no "drive" to work
- He's not affectionate
- He doesn't think your feelings are important
The first few on that list are no-brainers, but we tend to
think that it is ok if he doesn't give us enough
affection. We make excuses for him. We make it ok if he
ignores our feelings, as if it isn't disrespectful. 
Sometimes the hardest decision you have to make is just to
answer honestly if this particularly guy is right for you.
It is the honesty that is the kicker. And no one but YOU
can do anything about it. I made excuses for my guy until
I realized how ridiculous I was. 
Remember, you have to let go of Mr. Wrong before Mr. Right
can notice you. So cut off every single relationship that
binds you to sadness and despair, and open your life up to
- as Alexandra keeps saying - the happiness you deserve!
A Message Of Hope
These are just five of my happiest readers that I asked to
share their stories and advice with you. There are lots
more - but I'll save their testimonials for future
Our message to you today is this: Your life is no place
for toxic men and toxic relationships. They don't belong.
You have the power in you to get absolutely anything you
want out of life. You simply need to:
- Be smarter than players
- Use sex wisely
- Make good decisions
- Quit toxic relationships right away
- Always believe in yourself!
As a special parting gift, you can get all 5 of the eBooks
in this Newsletter at an additional $10 discount... for
the next 7 days only!
Get a whopping discount on any of the following
eBooks, if you combine this coupon with our usual member's
discount - just paste the coupon code NEW2018 at
the checkout page(s):
You deserve a good life, a good relationship, and a good
And it is not as hard as you think!
Happy New Year,
Alexandra Fox


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