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Should You Date Your Polar Opposite in 2018? By Alexandra Fox

Would you rather date a man who matched your personality... or who is the opposite of you? It's an age-old debate in dating: Whether "same feather" couples are more likely to succeed than "opposites attract" couples, and vice-versa. As far as successful relationships go, "same feather" couples have a slight advantage. Since they think alike, they're better able to solve problems as a team. But at the same time, here's a warning... Don't make the mistake of thinking, "Okay, from now on, I'll only date guys who match my personality." Why? Because many of us end up JUDGING men by thinking: "Hmm, he hates Italian food, but it's my favorite... so I guess I should stop seeing him..." Or: "Hmm, he disagrees with my preferred political leaning, so I should stop seeing him..." Which is sad, because - if you'll notice - you're letting your MIND choose who to love. And remember, love isn't a MIND thing. It's a HEART…